Remote Access Support

Life is a busy thing. Too busy for the computer you depend on to go on the fritz. When disaster strikes, Computer Plex is right here waiting, wherever you are.

residential services

ComputerPlex offers many ways to provide you with all of your tech-related needs. Here are just a few of the ways we can help:

Remote/Phone Support

If you've got an issue, we have a solution. Either call us, or give us a click here and we can walk you through the problem. With our remote support system, we can "get behind the wheel" of your computer, and handle the problem anywhere you are, from our local offices.

Drop-Off Repairs

Sometimes, there's no better way to fix the problem than to jump right in. Bring your computer by, and our trained staff can pop it open, and have a look inside. It's easier to fix "that funny clicking noise" when we can hear it for ourselves.

Computer Tutoring and Instruction

Technology changes every single day, to some degree. If you want to stay on top of the game, or get in at all, you've got to have the right training. No matter what you're looking to learn about your computer, chances are, we can teach you.

Refurbished and Custom-Built PCs

Looking for a new system? ComputerPlex provides high-quality, tested refurb computers from brand names like Dell and HP. Have a specific need, and want some extra "ooph"? We can build a system as wild or as tame as you need to fit the bill.

business services

ComputerPlex offers many ways to provide you with all of your tech-related needs. Here are just a few of the ways we can help:

Same-Day Turnaround

Time is money, so they say, and we know that being without your computer can put a major damper on things. Don't worry, we've got you covered; we typically provide same-day turnaround on systems that are brought in.

Refurbished and Custom-Built PCs

Your computers may be the most important investment your business makes. You need high quality, but does that have to come at high price? Not with our professionally-refurbished machines. And if you have a special need, we can custom-build a system that will do just the trick.

Priority Support

Whether you call us, bring it in, or want remote access support, we can provide you the fastest, and most efficient IT service around, to keep your business running clean and smooth.

Available Monthly Contracts

Problems happen often. ComputerPlex can be there any time your business needs us for a reduced monthly fee, through our monthly contract system.

remote access
What is remote access, exactly?

Simply put, remote access brings service and support to you, when you can't bring it to us. Through our special software, our experts are able to connect to your computer over the internet, and control your computer from ours (yeah - it's pretty cool).

But why should I use it?

Well, because it's convenient! No unplugging all those wires you may not understand, no driving to us. Just a couple of clicks, and it's like we're in the room with you.


cusimano, roberts, knowles & mills, llc

“Our firm has been fortunate to be a customer of ComputerPlex (formerly Singleton Technology) for the past several years. Not only have Rick Singleton, Michael Ray, Paul Hardenstine and the other members been professional, knowledgeable, and respon- sive to our needs, they have been a pleasure to work with. Should you decide to choose ComputerPlex for your computer and technology needs, you will find that to be a very good decision.” Betsy Boggs Wells

nationwide insurance

“They were able to fix my laptop at a significant savings over everyone else in town. They kept me up to date with progress, and they are always easy to get a hold of when I have questions. I am very satisfied with my experience.” Max Dover

meadowbrook baptist church

“Since they installed the Internet firewall and filter on our network, we have had very little trouble. When we do need service, they are always responsive and timely in fixing any computer problems we have.” Pastor Randy Gunter

freeman land and development

“I needed some help with Access and Excel and these guys were recommended by another business in town. I was on a tight deadline which they understood. They came and were able to accomplish some very complicated things in a short amount of time.” Susie Freeman